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In January 2017, Kaleidoscope Child Foundation opened it's newest educational programs in Bodhgaya and Lakhanpur, India. 


Establishing Namasya Charitable Trust as our NGO (the name means: worthy to be seen), we embarked on our most ambitious work to date bringing high quality, sustainable education to 90 children in Bodhgaya and 30 in Lakhanpur.


The school in Bodhgaya sits near the ancient site of the Bodhi Tree, the legendary location where Siddhartha gained enlightenment, thus becoming known as the Buddha. This ‘birthplace’ of Buddhism is a remarkable paradox of visiting Buddhist and monasteries alongside the traditional practices of Hinduism among the Indian population.


Even today, the neglect and poverty that so shocked a young Siddhartha into a path of servitude around the fourth century BC, still exists today. Many of the children we serve live well below poverty lines and are still defined by their lower caste heritage.


Yet, in spite of such hardship, their resilience, thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm has strengthened our commitment to expand our programs. 


Thanks to our supporters, our program has doubled to more than 60 children in Lakhanpur. These children have gone from no educational exposure to impressive gains in Hindi, English and basic math skills. Their innate creative abilities are masterful, and we are excited to expand this program and provide them with tangible and sustainable platforms for learning. 


With the construction of the first school in this village completed in 2019, Kaleidoscope  will soon be able to educate 200+ children at this location – changing generational illiteracy in the area and cultivating the probability of a greater future. 


As more students fill the classrooms throughout 2020, we will need additional desks and supplies, qualified teachers and ongoing support to ensure the success of this important step in the future of these children.

Find out more about long-range expansion plans for the students in Lakhanpur and the proposed project: 

School Director-Nandlal (Nandu) Ravidas

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Nandlal Ravidas (Nandu) is our administrator in India, serving, supporting and managing our school programs in Bodhgaya and Lakhanpur. Since officially obtaining our NGO status in 2017, Kaleidoscope annually serves more than 100 children from lower caste slum villages offering high quality education, hygiene support and family assistance. Many of these children are receiving freedom from generational illiteracy.