Water filter donation to school in Guatemala

Guatemala has the lowest literacy rates in the whole of Central America and almost 50% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition. Approximately 75% of the population lives below the poverty line.


Kaleidoscope Child Foundation made it's initial visit to Guatemala in July of 2017. On that trip, through the generosity of many people on a "Go Fund Me" campaign, we raised enough money to distribute 100 water filters to families at four different schools in the Panajachel region of Guatemala. Our mission in this part of the world is to participate on a project-oriented basis, such as the water filters, to enhance the education of students at existing schools in the area. Read more about our Water Filter Project by clicking here or below.

School Partners and Directors at Jabel Tinamit

Spanish School in Panajachel, Guatemala

Candalaria and Gregorio de Garcia, are the founders and directors of Jabel Tinamit Language School, one of Guatemala's most revered language educational facilities. Our alliance with them began in 2017 and with their supervision, Kaleidoscope funds specific initiatives based on fresh water, learning center expansions and IT computer labs in underserved villages near Panajachel.

Scholarship Students

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Ingrid, Florinda and Elizabeth are three students recently selected to receive a one-year college scholarship which will be funded by the generous donations of our KCF donors. Please read their stories below and know what an impact your donations are making in lives of these students and their families. Thank you for your generosity!

Kaleidoscope Child Foundation Sets Up Medical Day Clinic with Dr. Michael Chambers in Guatemala

Here is an inside look at Kaleidoscope Child Foundation setting up a successful medical day clinic at La Casa Learning Center in the village of San Antonio, Guatemala. Immense gratitude to Dr. Michael Chambers, our partners and volunteers. We serviced 50 children, their families and elderly women throughout the day. Everything from skin infections to diabetes and malnutrition was discovered. Major issues were dental and vision problems as well. 

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