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If You're Reading This You're Helping

Update From Kaleidoscope Founder David Ault March 2020

  • The purpose of this letter is to welcome your support.

  • That support can be an immediate donation to help us fund the proper goods and services to effectively sanitize our global classrooms.

  • That support can help us provide ongoing cleanliness to the slums and villages that are home to our Kaleidoscope children.

  • That support can be to hold a vision for a thriving global educational system.

  • And, your donations can be tailored to provide a strategic plan for the remainder of our academic year.

Read how:

Our existence ceaselessly finds ways to remind us that we are all interconnected. We are a global tribe. Sometimes the reminders take on the form of pandemics and like everyone else in this one human family, we are faced with decisions, adjustments and the demand to take a breath so that we can hear the solution that wants to present itself.

Our Kaleidoscope Child Foundation schools are currently closed adhering the country mandates in Cambodia and India. The need to sanitize our classroom and gathering spaces is also being orchestrated along with a reenergized commitment to place hygiene education as an ongoing priority.

One of the things we cherish in this vulnerable time is how essential your patronage is. Without you there would be no educational offerings to the nearly 1000 children that we serve and there would be no transmission of that knowledge back to their communities and families.

That is what’s so amazing about your contribution – the mileage that it has. Every US dollar has an exceedingly far greater impact in developing countries than nationally. Our currency in places like Cambodia, India and Guatemala can supply a child a meal, a year’s worth of education, access to clean water, and life skills training for a fraction of what would be required stateside. Also, enormous charitable subsidies that cover school closure lunch programs for children in the US are non-existent in the slums of India or outlying villages in Cambodia or available for impoverished Guatemalan children who trek miles to our classroom for education AND nutrition. Donor sponsorship also pays the salary of a teacher whose influence and presence provides the glue that holds all these efforts together.

For example, a Cambodian teacher’s monthly salary averages $240 a month. That’s $60 a week for their skill and devotion in advancing the quality of life for a village child. They care for them beyond the classroom, keeping up to date with their family situation, health concerns and educational adaptability. They use most of their evenings and weekends in continuing education courses at local college/universities in order to advance their own skills. Without them, we would not exist. Their $240 monthly salary is stretched to also cover food and

housing costs for their extended family.

The solution for Kaleidoscope is never the access of talent and dedication within our schools. There is an abundance of that. What is needed now and always is increased funding. We need your help in order to meet the added demands that a pandemic requires, to secure the extra precautions and sustainability essential to run our programs and to nurture and care for our staff who become stretched beyond their standard resources. Here’s our request.

- You’re already helping or have helped and that’s why you are on this list.

We’re trusting that not only will you continue to support us but that you will take your passion for our work and spread the word. Tell your friends, your co-workers, your faith-based communities about us. We need more monthly angel patrons and/or any form of donation. We need you posting about us. Ask your employer for matched giving programs and to consider us for endowments. We can assist you in answering any questions around how to do this.

- Help us find volunteers.

We need knowledgeable support in the fields of grant writing, marketing and website technology. Match us with those who are skilled in these arenas and are willing to offer their time and expertise to expand awareness about our mission.

- Help us get financial sponsorship for our teachers.

We could achieve a crucial budgetary milestone in our costs knowing we have

committed sponsors for the next year who will cover 9 Cambodian teacher’s monthly salary. Do you have a collection of friends who would want to sponsor a teacher for a year at $240 a month? We need this by the beginning of April.

$240 a month = $2880 for a year. That’s a competitive salary for one Cambodian teacher for an entire year! We believe there are innumerable sources who could provide this. Nine teachers fully covered comes to $25,920 – a significant boost for Kaleidoscope’s fiscal budget. Our Cambodian teachers will also share their progress and gratitude with you personally each quarter!

If you continued reading this far, thank you. It assures me that you know what is

happening with us and that you care. Align with us by taking action in thought, word and deed and always keep a mental vision for Kaleidoscope as vibrant and sustainable!

We are truly one global family. Let’s take care of one another.

Grateful –

David Ault

Founder and Executive Director