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We're so close...

We’re CLOSE to a critical benchmark - help us reach $30,000 by this Saturday!

If we reach this benchmark by September 7th, we are eligible for matching fund programs that will take us all the way to our overall $50,000 goal. But your immediate help is needed!

This Saturday is a BIG day for us in Kaleidoscope land! It is our first Walk For Education happening on the Atlanta Beltline on September 7th. Our main goal continues to be $50,000 and we are almost 50% of the way there in donations and sponsorships. Donate today! Help us spread the word about the success of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation and its good in the world. Help us expand our opportunities here in the US as well as Cambodia, India and Guatemala to continue the advancement of vulnerable children and their families through sustainable education, life skills training and fresh water initiatives.

Know that your gifts empower more than 1000+ children annually with stellar academic opportunities. All amounts are celebrated, and every dollar given goes directly to aid a Kaleidoscope child’s wellbeing.