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Summer 2019 Newsletter


Our annual fundraising event time is upon us and this year we are changing it up. We’ve seen our share of students over the years ‘going the extra mile’, literally, as they commute to the gates of our schools. In the beginning phases of our Cambodia programs, students would walk or bike miles to get to a classroom – even during monsoons! It was a continuous reminder that what we were offering was highly valued and that we must keep going.

In solidarity with all of our Kaleidoscope children across the globe, we are hosting A Walk For Education on Atlanta, GA’s belt line, a walking, biking path that circles many of the unique city neighborhoods. Just as other walks, we are inviting you to enroll as a sponsor, a walker or a donor. And check out this MATH – we’re aiming for a minimum of 70 walkers and championing them to raise $500 minimum. That $35,000 would fund our services for more than 1000 children for the remainder of the year. Visit the link below and find out how you can do your part to make our first walk goal doable!



Have we got an update for you!

Reflection is important. It allows one to look back and take in their wide and varied journey. Far too often we keep accelerating our pace of doing without taking those valuable moments to pause and examine the highs and lows; accomplishments and misdirection, so that we might build on our strengths and change methods that need amends.

In many ways this newsletter serves as our version of a reflection and you’re always invited along.

The beginning of the year saw our annual trip to Cambodia fill up with the usual brand of excited travelers, each bringing their heart into the classrooms that collectively house 600 children over two campuses. They relished in the majesty of the ancient wonder Angkor Wat and made lasting connections to the children and our Cambodian teachers. We began a new fresh water initiative with bio-filters, making them available to a dozen families throughout the village of Nokor Krau. We implemented new classroom curriculum and hired an Academic Advisor to keep our teachers current in their training. And, it has been exciting for Kaleidoscope to have volunteer teachers from America come to our schools and dedicate extended time through Arts education and IT instruction.

The month of May brought us back to India where we had the great honor to break ground for a new school in Lakhanpur, India. It is the first dedicated school building in this slum region, bringing the promise of literacy to close to 150 children. This trip offered unexpected blessings when a premium parcel of land in Bodhgaya was gifted to us by the father of our administrator. To grasp the profound nature of this gift is to understand their cultural status as lower caste. Think of someone gifting their most valuable asset to you – receiving this legacy is one of life’s greatest and most humbling blessings.

The summer months have brought us back to serving Nicholas House, Inc. in Atlanta, Ga through serving more than 30 homeless youth with summer educational field trips and preparation for the fall school year. Providing some normalcy in a chaotic situation helps these children believe that some part of stability is possible

And Guatemala awaits us this October! Why don’t you join us on a sacred ‘voluntour’ of this Central American, Mayan influenced land, filled with ancient wonders and extraordinary people. We will serve our brand of educational and maintenance support in the picturesque town of Panajachel plus the outlying village of Buena Vista. Our support of their learning centers give outlying villages a chance at literacy. PLUS, you’ll be treated to some majestic sightseeing with the ruins of Tikal and the gorgeous, culturally rich town of Antigua.

4 spots are still available but you need to act fast! CLICK HERE for more information.

Like I said, reflection is good! It reminds us that you are the foundation that keeps us able to continue!