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Embracing Change

The great writer George Bernard Shaw wrote that progress is impossible without change.

At Kaleidoscope Child Foundation we see how our willingness to continue to refine and change everything from existing models of education to how we fundraise, to how we culturally communicate is always at the forefront of our progress.

The end of 2017 and the first half of 2018 has presented us with vast opportunities for such change. Most significant has been our work in the Bihar region of India, where we currently run two after school programs in the famous town of Bodhgaya, known as the birthplace of Buddhism and in the village slum of Lakhanpur approximately 30 kilometers away. Currently serving 90 children in the Bodhgaya program and 30 in Lakhanpur, we spent weeks in the spring of this year observing, helping, but mostly marveling at the educational hunger and resilience of these amazing children. In Lakhanpur, the class is conducted in a cow barn, with barely enough room for the 30 children to all squeeze in. Villagers crowd the entrance and peak in with fascination and delight as the children move swiftly through the basics of math, Hindi, English and art projects.

We are committed to the purchase of land in this village (currently under negotiation) and the construction of a school which will be the first for this village.

We are revamping our curriculum in Cambodia with upgraded textbooks in Math and English for the more than 600 children in our two campuses in the Siem Reap area with a planned implementation date by September. Kaleidoscope is proudly sponsoring continuing education for our teachers as they take turns enrolling in University level coursework at Pannasastra University in Siem Reap. Championing their personal success translates into a better classroom experience and helps us achieve our mission of providing high quality, sustainable education for every child.

Our work in Guatemala in the summer of 2017 allowed us the great fortune to align with Jabel Tinamit language school located in Panajachel. We were able to fund a computer lab for this extraordinary language school which elevated the study/homework experience of their scholarship students.

In a few short weeks we return to Guatemala with plans to stock village learning centers with new Spanish language children’s books as well as provide basic medical support for these same villagers.

None of this valuable work would be possible without the ongoing support of our Angel Patrons and fundraising initiatives. Donor info

Please check out our website to learn more about our annual fundraiser on August 19th and how you can support us from anywhere in the world with donations, sponsorships and silent auction bidding.

Till then, remember to embrace change.