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May 2016 News

Love Letter to our Atlanta Supporters!

The saying goes, “many hands make light work.” I am privileged to experience the many hands phenomenon in my city of Atlanta. Travelers from past years volunteer trips rallied together to host a silent auction fundraiser this April at the Academy Ballroom in Atlanta. The evening was complete with entertainment, abundant desserts and an abundant array of items to bid on. The idea for the event was jumpstarted by Diane St. Clair, alumnus from our 2014, 2015 trips. She was joined by a host of other brilliant organizers, Niki Murphy (2014,15,16), Ian Folker (2014,15,16), Sharman Colosetti (2015), Chike Mahkah (2015, 2016), and Jean Bell (2016), raising more than $5500 for our school operations budget and classroom building fund in our village extension school of Nokor Krau. Additional support came from past alumni Doris Seiden, Lexa King, Kathy Snyder and Victoria LaFortune. Music was provided by The Shawn Wilcox Band and we were privileged to have more than 60 people in attendance.

I am grateful and proud of these individuals who continue to stay so devoted and involved to our mission. Thanks to each of you for a job well done!

Phenomenal Training Opportunity!

This May, Khmer Child Foundation and our school Future Khmer Child (FKC) will be gifted with free hands-on guidance by trainer Jeff Bartels, from Chicago, in AutoCad, an engineering software.

This software allows students to master drafting, architectural design and multi-dimensional drawings. It is an incredible in-demand skill that brings terrific job placement advancement for any who successfully completes the program. This free training, as well as the accompanying computer expansion in our IT department, is graciously spearheaded by Bill Taylor and the Together We Can Change The World Foundation. Installation is being overseen by Chike Mahkah along with staff from one of the local universities in Siem Reap. A special celebratory unveiling will take place at our Siem Reap campus with Bill and many of his organization’s supporters at the end of May.

Budget Goals!

We are proud to announce that we continue to meet our operations budget goal of $3500 per month. This dollar amount pays for our teacher salaries and all other expenses that keep both of our schools operating. Much of this success has come in the form of single donor gifts and current fundraising. We continue to need angel patrons to donate on a monthly basis to help expand our additional goals of furthering the education of our teachers, and building dollars to complete our village classroom additions.