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August 2016 News

Khmer Child Foundation is experiencing great expansion regarding our connections with other local non-profits, outreach and support - sharing solution driven collaborative ideas for enhancing our mission of free global education.

First up is the discovery of GlobalTeers, a non-profit that places vetted teachers in developing classrooms to amplify the quality of education that the children experience. We were able to arrange for their Cambodian representative to tour our two campuses and we easily passed the inspection and qualification components they desire.

It is our intention to be picked as one of the schools that benefits from the GlobalTeers teaching roster. This will help elevate both our children’s experience as well as help our local Cambodian teachers absorb greater English pronunciation, and curriculum delivery skills.

David Ault, founder and director of Khmer Child Foundation met with Jeff Sheehan, an Atlanta based marketing consultant, who has one of the largest Twitter followers in this region. The meeting was prompted through a mutual friend. Along with Jeff’s son marrying a Cambodian woman, he has personally toured the Siem Reap area and the outlying villages and knew well of the conditions and educational challenges David shared about. Opportunities for fundraising through Jeff’s extensive network are now on the table for exploration. It’s always exciting to see how the right and perfect people continue to show up in timely fashion to offer greater possibility.

Our newest classroom additions for our Nokor Krau extension campus are nearly complete. Another $3500 is needed to finish supplying doors, framing and desks for the building. We continue to thank KCF board member Ian Folker and his national based ballroom dancing world for funding this classroom initiative. We aim to complete this project and have admissions ready by the fall.

KCF board member Chike Freeman traveled to Siem Reap earlier in the summer to supervise the installation of new computer stations at out Siem Reap IT Tech facility located on our original school grounds. The visionary non-profit Together We Can Change The World supplied this equipment as well as sponsoring a software representative from Chicago to teach AutoCAD® (architectural and design software). Chike managed the installation and the instruction of a dozen students gaining this tremendous lifeskills opportunity. We continue to thank Bill Taylor and Together We Can Change The World for their support.

Our next Voluntour travel opportunity is now available for sign ups!

Travel with us and experience for yourself the wonders and the enrichment of being involved in service as well as the opportunity of seeing some of the most majestic wonders of the world! Our posted dates are January 19 – 30, 2017. Spaces are limited and we are already filling up nicely. If this is calling you, don’t delay!


Khmer Child Foundation would like to express our thanks to Victoria LaFortune for her many years of dedicated service, resources and love to our mission of free education. As Victoria explores other personal callings, we bid her a tearful yet grateful adieu for her matchless generosity. We love you Victoria!

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