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December 2015 News

Dear Khmer Child Foundation Supporters;

Thanks to you, we celebrate the close of another successful year in offering high value support to hundreds of Cambodian children.

In our continued mission of providing free education, life skills training and quality of life assistance, we have grown tremendously in the number of tangible children reached within our two campus facilities.

Both schools, the original Siem Reap campus and the newly formed classrooms in the village of Nokor Krau, continue to burst at the seams with 378 documented children receiving instruction in English, math, computer technology, hygiene education and a rousing fine arts program.

In one month, a small group of alumni will be traveling with the singular purpose of implementing a specialized educational curriculum. Months in planning, this curriculum will provide us with the metrics necessary to begin providing reports to organizations and donors who will help us establish grants for higher educational learning to those students who are achieving the necessary qualifications.

It is extremely rewarding to realize that since opening our doors in 2009, so much growth and progress has been established.

Other projects for 2016

  • Completion of adjunct classroom building and toilet facilities in Nokor Krau campus. With nearly $10,000 already raised for this project, another $10,000 is needed.

  • Second-hand van for student transportation between campuses for events, artistic performances and quarterly medical check-ups.

  • With a generous donation of $7,000 towards this, we realize that to secure a reliable vehicle and assure proper maintenance, that another $4,000 is necessary to go towards this project

  • Our 2016 budget – We are projecting a budgetary increase to $50,000 for the year. Your monthly pledges and donations are always needed to fund operations which pays for teacher salaries, school supplies for 378 children, meals, medical provisions, utilities and more.

Your year end tax deductible donations are needed and welcomed in order for us to maintain the stability of our mission and to keep our doors open and our children cared for. 100% of your donations go directly to Khmer Child Foundation and not one penny is used for any outside administration.

We wish to thank Michael DiStefano for his continued service in preparing our yearly taxes for Khmer for free.

We wish to thank Tom O’Connell and Janet Riley for their contribution towards the purchase of the van.

We wish to than each of you on this list who have given to us throughout the year, and to these angel patrons who have devotedly signed on as monthly pledgers!

- The Hay Foundation

- Tarcisio Baldi & Stephanie Marcellino

- Roland Leveque

- Victoria LaFortune

- Niki Murphy

- Lorri Palko

- John Gidcomb

- Jane Keller

- Wayne Gibson

- Tony DiStefano

- Diane St. Clair - Ian Folker - Sharman Colosetti - Melanie Godwin

- Mark Wyrick

- Empower Music and Arts - Steven Braska - Chike Mahkah - Jean Bell

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