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March 2016 News

Our 2016 annual sojourn to Cambodia was one of the best in history!

We made groundbreaking strides in aligning action with our mission of providing free education and quality of life assistance to the beautiful and amazing children in the surrounding Siem Reap province of Cambodia.

For the first time in twelve years, an alumni-only troupe (with a few insistent first time volunteers) came with the singular purpose of implementing a specific, standardized curriculum into the classrooms of both our Siem Reap campus as well as the beginning extension school in the village of Nokor Krau. Arranging for thousands of copies from starter to Level 6, both classroom and teacher editions were made, bound and shipped for implementation. This standardized curriculum will help us establish metrics over the long term and provide accurate testing evaluations and accurate grade level advancement for the many children who are doing so well in their English and Math studies. All of this data will help us obtain scholarship money for those who long to continue onto university level classes.

Thanks to some amazing lump sum contributions from Victoria LaFortune, Ann Atkinson, Thomas O’Connell, Janet Riley, Christina Baldwin O‘Meara, Jean Bell and Niki Murphy, we were able to cover the costs of the first round of curriculum material as well as obtain our very first school van! It was a tremendous help to our school in the most profound and tangible way.

We were also in awe of the fund-raising efforts of long time volunteer Ian Folker who has been tirelessly raising funds for the extension school building in the village. Throughout his professional ballroom dance community, he has raised nearly $15,000 towards desperately needed classrooms.

New grant monies are coming in from The Malawi Project/Keith Cox aimed towards our continuing education supplies as well as several new Angel Patrons like non-profit Together We Can Change The World, Steven Braska, Empower Music and Arts, Thomas O’Connell and Janet Riley, Kathie Bell, Chike Mahkah, Sharman Colosetti, Melanie Godwin, Anna Gertz, Mark Wyrickand Jean Bell. They join the faithful continuing roster of our other patrons listed here.

Our 2016 projected budget will be raised from $2500 to $3500 to cover teacher pay, supplies and school operations, and an additional $7,000 will go to our Maintenance and Repair Building Fund (M & R) to round out a goal of $49,000 for March 2016 through March 2017.


We are so grateful and only need another $800 in angel patron pledges to make sure we stay on budget! That’s another 8 people at $100 or 16 at $50……

Thank you for all that you are giving and for helping us continue to spread the word of our amazing, worthwhile work.

Visit our continuing updated website at and pay close attention for the announcement of our 2017 tour dates.

With heartfelt gratitude –

David Ault – Founder, Khmer Child Foundation

P.S. If you are in the Atlanta, GA area an amazing concert/silent auction is being held on April 16th, 7:15 PM at the Academy Ballroom and Social Club. A $20 minimum donation is requested. See the Khmer Child Foundation FaceBook page for complete details