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December 2017

What a great thrill to announce that this new year, Khmer Child Foundation, will expand beyond the boundaries of Cambodia after an extensive 13 year process of unfolding.

This January we begin the filing process to change our name to Kaleidoscope Child Foundation! A kaleidoscope by definition is a multicolored pattern and our global education initiatives are becoming multi cultural, aligning with our mission to bring free education and quality of life assistance into other parts of the world.

We’ve achieved enormous success in the Siem Reap province, building two thriving campuses, offering English, math, IT skills training and a resplendent fine arts program. Through remarkable support from donations, grants and consistent angel patron pledges since the humble beginnings of our NGO approved status in 2009, we’ve grown to serve more than 480 children annually and have provided more than 275 fresh water wells, more than a thousand bicycles accompanied by annual medical and dental services though medical partnerships worldwide.

With solid systems in place, the board of Khmer Child Foundation is ready to take our passion and valued experience and replicate our free service initiatives where we feel called to begin all over again.

First stop, the outskirts of Bodhgaya, India. On January 16th, our new sponsored class of more than twenty 6 and 7 year olds will begin learning English grammar twice a week. This impoverished area will be the start of another projected school location. A room is already rented, white boards, markers, curriculum booklets and other supplies are being purchased, and we anticipate an exciting beginning.

And late summer, the foundation’s board members travel to the Panajachel area of Guatemala to create possible alliances with existing schools in dire need of support.

With all of this growth, your partnership with us means more than ever.

Our modest $50,000 annual budget has served far and wide. Every penny is delivered to the schools. Nothing is retained for administrative costs. In 2017 we are aiming to triple that to insure that our two new locations get a solid start.

If additional end of year giving is within your realm of possibility, we gratefully accept. If you’re interested in becoming an angel patron pledger or choose to offer a one time gift, you can continue through our website at We will notify all current angel patrons once the new name has become official.

To write that we are grateful is an understatement. Everything that is life within us thanks you for your belief and tangible support to us throughout the years!