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June/July 2015 News

Khmer Child Foundation is ready for your help. Our new budget goals for our 2015/2016 fiscal year include raising the salaries for our Cambodian teachers to current competitive rates within the greater Siem Reap province. Expanding from 8 to 12 teachers, which includes our Nokor Krau campus, we want to compensate our faithful teachers fairly and honorably. Our new goal, effective immediately is to expand our monthly operating contributions from $2500 to $3500 a month. This will not only cover those salaries but also keep our doors open, our services continuing, our supplies stocked and our 2 campuses serving 365 children with regularity.

We invite you to become an angel patron! These contributors are those who sign up to donate on a consistent basis though our PayPal system.

We have lost a few patrons recently who have been giving for two years and we need to both replace and expand our patron base in order to support our work.

Know that no amount is too small and every penny is directed towards our work of empowering the lives of Cambodian children through free education and life skills training.

We are blessed beyond measure with our expansion and service so far and we need your support immediately to keep moving forward.

Additional 2015 Goals

Standardized curriculum implementation $1500

Repairs of Siem Reap Campus due to storm and flooding $2300

Replenishment of School Supplies, white boards and basic restocking $ 750

Solar lights for Noko Krau village $ 200

Purchase of a Xerox (duplication) machine $3000

If you wish to help sponsor any of these specific items, please notate on PayPal.

Our 2016 Tour

For the first time in 12 years the 2016 trip will be customized for alumni. Our strategic goals for the upcoming January visit will be focused on establishing the curriculum and a saturation of our presence within the classrooms and with the teachers to help solidify an educational structure where metrics can more effectively be established.

That means for this trip there will be no temple excursions or other tourist activities. All our time and work will be devoted around the school itself. Many of our alumni have said yes to this intention and we are excited for the groundwork that will be laid for our future strategic goals.

We will also be focusing heavily on our information technology interaction component and using more video tutelage in both language and mathematics.

If you are an alumni of one of my trips and want to speak to me further about attending,