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May 2015 News

This month we celebrate the launch of a brand new website thanks to Niki Murphy from Atlanta, GA, one of our Angel Patrons as well as a two time volunteer traveler to Cambodia. The majority of the vivid photographs that you see are Niki’s. She has beautifully captured the joy and essence that we always experience when being there in the midst of our students and faculty.

In November of 2014, I traveled to Siem Reap along with KCF Board member and volunteer Victoria LaFortune and training executive Bill Taylor of Asia Children’s Foundation to host our first strategic planning meeting. Bill offered his services as facilitator for free and helped us formulate a clearer vision and mission for moving forward towards excellence with structuring

our education.

We came out of this two day event with the following mission statement

With our compassionate, highly skilled staff we provide progressive education, agricultural and life skills training, along with food, fresh water and other resources to assist impoverished and underserved children to have a better now and a brighter tomorrow.

Our strategic goals and annual objectives were centered around

• Curriculum

• Faculty

• Outreach to Villages

• Infrastructure

• Resources, Funding

• Facilities and Equipment

To date our most important focus is on the implementation of a standardized curriculum.

What we have realized in moving forward with this, is the apparent need for an educator to be there for its implementation. This projected work is targeted at three months and we are working on finding ways to create an additional budget line item to our operating budget to cover such a bold move.

Even though there are 6 strong goals to aim for, it takes patience to get these systems running from across the globe.

Your continued donations as well as spreading the word about our work keeps our doors wide open and our long term sustainability a reality.