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About Donations

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. Kaleidoscope Child Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education organization (tax ID: 27-3328796), so your donation is tax deductible. However, please note that if you paid a registration fee, the fee is not tax deductible because it covers the cost of your T-shirt.

When do I get a receipt for my tax-deductible donation?
If you donated online, you will immediately receive an email acknowledging your donation. If you donated by check, we will send you a receipt during our annual year-end notification process. Remember to keep your receipts as documentation of charitable gifts for your 2020 tax returns.

Can I send a check or pay cash directly to Kaleidoscope Child Foundation instead of donating online?
We are able to take donations by check. Make the check payable to Kaleidoscope Child Foundation and write "Walk for Education 2020" in the memo section. If you are going to walk in Atlanta, you can bring the check with you and give it to one of the Kaleidoscope Child Foundation organizers. Alternatively, you can mail the check to:

    Kaleidoscope Child Foundation
    P.O. Box 13866
    Atlanta, GA 30324

Unfortunately, KCF is not able to take direct cash donations.

What do I do if I'm fundraising and receive a donation from someone as a check or in cash?
Let us know if you received a check or cash at and we will let you know the best way for you to get these funds to us to deposit. We will send out a receipt to the donor so please make sure to get the address and phone number and email for our records.

My employer provides matching donations to charitable organizations. Does Kaleidoscope Child Foundation accept matching contributions?
Yes! Be sure to check the terms and conditions for your employer's matching contribution program to make sure we qualify. If so, you'll likely need to complete your employer's forms, providing information about Kaleidoscope Child Foundation (our tax ID is 27-3328796). Donors who have matching gifts can enter the amount of match when they enter their original donation by clicking on "This donation can be matched", and providing the donor name (your employer) and amount. Once verified, the amount will be counted toward your fundraising goal.

How are donations used by Kaleidoscope Child Foundation?
Your donations are used to help fulfill the mission of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation -- to advance vulnerable children and communities worldwide with sustainable education, life skills and fresh water. Specifically, funds are used toward the expenses of the schools in Cambodia, Guatemala, and India, such as paying teacher salaries, buying books and school supplies, maintaining buildings and equipment, and more. KCF also purchases and installs wells in Cambodia and water purification systems in Guatemala. Last year, generous donors to KCF provided the funds to build a new school building in India. KCF also collects school supplies for children staying at Nicholas House in Atlanta, GA. For more on KCF's mission, projects, schools, and events, please visit the KCF home page.

About Registration

If I want to walk in the Atlanta event on the BeltLine, do I need to register or can I just show up?
You need to register because we need a count of how many people will be physically present at the walk in Atlanta. We are limited to 70 people. Please register by going to here.

Can I register for the walk in Atlanta but not raise any funds?
Yes, but frankly the spots reserved for the Atlanta walk are for people who are expected to raise funds for Kaleidoscope Child Foundation. We have a limit on the number of Atlanta walkers, so taking one of the spots but not raising funds could hurt our efforts. Even so, we recognize there are some people who would like to show their support by participating in the walk but are not willing or able to raise funds, and you are certainly welcome to join us. We just ask that you sign up for a fundraising page and that way we will know that you'll be joining us.

I live in the Atlanta area and want to raise funds but not participate in the Atlanta walk on the BeltLine. How should I register?
When you register as a fundraiser, just let us know in the comments sections that you will not be walking on September 12.

How do I get a t-shirt for the walk?
Once you register, you will get an email with information on how to buy a t-shirt for the 2020 walk.

I'm walking in Atlanta, so when do I get my T-shirt?
If you are participating in the Atlanta walk, your T-shirt is provided on the day of the event (September 12) prior to the start of the walk. When you assemble before the walk, make yourself known to one of the Kaleidoscope Child Foundation organizers, and he or she will get your T-shirt for you.

I'm not walking in Atlanta but I'd still like a T-shirt. Can I buy one?
Yes. Go to the Store (click on here or on "store" in the menu above)to purchase your shirt. The cost is $21 plus shipping.

Can I order more than one T-shirt?
Yes, you can buy as many T-shirts as you like.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee but if you registered as an Atlanta Walker and can't make the walk, please contact to to let us know and make alternative arrangements for getting your T-shirt.

What should I bring to the walk?
Kaleidoscope Child Foundation is not able to provide anything at the walk so bring water, food, sunblock, a hat, an umbrella, a backpack, walking shoes, and whatever else you feel is needed to participate in the walk. 

Will the walk occur if rain is expected?
Yes, the walk will go on "rain or shine."

Can I bring my kids?
Of course! This event is "family friendly" so feel free to bring them along.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes. The Atlanta BeltLine requires that all pets be on a leash. Remember to bring pet waste bags in case you need to pick up after your pet.

Where can I park?
To be determined once the walk route is finalized.

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