Knowledge – We believe knowledge/education is an invaluable gateway to a world of infinite possibility. We believe it is a right for all and not a luxury for some. By offering education to a disadvantaged child, we support the experience of these possibilities becoming a tangible reality. Our mission is to expand this pathway of education to cultures and gender who’ve long been denied such rights.  


Connection  – We believe in the dignity of all people and that each share the same desire to be seen, heard and valued. Our aim is to connect with our Kaleidoscope family of children, teachers, volunteers and donors in meaningful and lasting ways. No one can attain an abundant, thriving life alone. Through deep listening and positive action, we strive to uplift and inspire everyone through compassionate partnership. 


Freedom – We uphold the motto to work with people and not for them. We strive to stimulate interdependence and empowerment within every child and all members of their community. KCF prioritizes initiatives that instill sustainable self-sufficiency and healthy environments that foster personal freedom, dignity and well-being. 

Code of Ethics:
Kaleidoscope Child Foundation ensures its actions are entirely independent of politics and free of any conflicts of interest, particularly its principles regarding child labour. KCF is fully accountable to its donors, sponsors, as well as the public. The foundation ensures transparency regarding the origins of its funds and the ways in which those funds are used.

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