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Kaleidoscope Partnership With

Nicholas House 

Summer Camp 2019

Kaleidoscope Child Foundation will be helping to sponsor 30 children served by Nicholas House this summer. The kids will be attending field trips to a variety of locations around Atlanta, including Callaway Gardens, Stone Mountain Park and The Georgia Aquarium.


The goal of the Youth Services Program at Nicholas House is to break the generational cycle of homelessness by improving homeless children’s academics and behavior and offering them opportunities to stabilize and form lasting friendships.  Regular field trips and enrichment activities expose children in the programs to educational and social experiences that they might not have otherwise experienced. 


In addition to constructive play and social development, summer camp goals include sustaining academic engagement so that children return to school ready to move forward. With children more engaged and successful in school, they will be focused and believe in their future potential and avoid falling prey to paths leading to poverty and adult instability.

Field trips provide hands-on learning and allow an opportunity to experience something outside of the normal day-to-day routines. Children learn about different professions, ideas and opportunities when they travel outside their own neighborhoods. This can awaken the desire in a child to try new things and pursue previously unconsidered dreams.

Kaleidoscope is pleased to be working with Nicholas House to sponsor this summer educational opportunity.