How would it feel to know your donation to Kaleidoscope Child Foundation improves the lives of more than 1,000 children here and around the world?
Your tax-deductible contribution makes that kind of difference!
Here are the ways you can provide financial support to KCF:

Need Help?

If you need help with any of these options for donating, please send an email to and let us know what you'd like to do and what difficulties you're having. We'll contact you to help you out.

About Reporting for Tax Purposes

Donations to Kaleidoscope Child Foundation, Inc. are tax deductible. Depending on how you choose to donate, you may immediately receive a receipt for your donation through email that you can keep for your tax records. Donations made directly to KCF through our website or by check are tracked throughout the year and an end-of-year statement will be issued to you summarizing your donations.