Cards For A Cause Fundraiser

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Support our end-of-year fundraiser with your purchase of greeting cards designed from original artwork created by our sponsored children in Guatemala during Kaleidoscope's October 2019 trip! 


For a donation of $50 you'll receive your choice of 2 design options or a double order of 1 option. (20 cards in all)


Option 1  10 card pack with envelopes - (Holiday abstract tree) This card is an abstract Christmas tree, depicting some of the Mayan cultures most treasured staples like corn, weaving and a mix of vibrant Guatemalan colors. We created the tree branches to showcase some of our children's fun drawings. Cover greeting says - Holiday Wishes. The inside is blank.


Option 2  10 card pack with envelopes - (Traditional Christmas tree) This card, drawn by 11 year old Beverley from the village of Solola, shows her wonderful artistry. Her family has never been able to afford a tree with presents so she drew this to match images she has seen in books or glimpses from the media. Although the Guatemalan culture has various religious celebrations around Christmas, most of the children Kaleidoscope serves do not participate in Western commercial customs.  Inside greeting says - Sharing the joy of the holiday!


Option 3  10 card pack with envelopes - (Heart with faces collage) We went through more than 50 drawings and captured some of the 'self-portraits' our Guatemalan students drew of themselves or members of their family. Beautifully arranged in a single heart with traditional Guatemalan colored borders.  Inside greeting says - You are a Work of Heart! 


Option 4  10 card pack with envelopes - (Rows of Guatemalan colors, faces and flowers) How do you capture so much of the vibrant artwork our students created?  You take pieces and stack them in strips to make a beautiful mosaic! Inside is blank.


A brief story of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation appears on the back of all the cards.



We're happy to ship them to you (US address only), so please make sure and select that option. Orders received through December 5th should still arrive in time for your own mailing purposes. These one-of-a-kind, limited edition cards make great gifts as well! 


Your purchase helps Kaleidoscope Child Foundation renew educational scholarships for more than a dozen deserving Guatemalan children, plus expand IT technology support in two village Learning Centers as well as keep English immersion classes funded throughout all of 2020! 


A special thank you to Creative Approach in Atlanta, GA, for donating all printing costs. Creative Approach is launching the cards with a party at their office on November 10, from 5-8pm, so please let us know if you can make it by contacting us at