Meet Our Board of Directors

Founder and Executive director of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation has overseen the growth of its original purpose to ease suffering, provide education and cultivate dignity in the lives of 1000's of children and their families in some of the world's most vulnerable territories. It began from a life changing encounter with hungry, displaced children on the banks of the Tonle Sap Lake in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia in early 2004. David has served as an ordained minister in the philosophy of New Thought in Los Angeles, CA, Mobile, AL and Atlanta, GA and authored a number of bestselling books. He trains others in the fields of mindfulness, wellbeing strategies, and global literacy but his heart is most alive when engaging with the children, families and communities of Kaleidoscope's world wide schools. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the inaugural New Thought Walden Award for Social Activism. 

IAN FOLKER currently service as Vice President of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation. He is a native of Germany and has been in the United States for 33 years. He is a professional dance instructor as well as a master reiki healer, a motivational speaker and ordained minister in ATL. Ian states that "my first trip with KCF to Cambodia in 2014 changed my life forever and Education for Children has become my passion. In my lifetime I want to touch as many lives of impoverished children as possible and I want to help to make a difference in their lives.  I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors of KCF and I am looking forward to many more years of service for our amazing children ... Life is Amazing."

NIKI MURPHY currently serves as the treasurer for Kaleidoscope Child Foundation. Her volunteer travels with Kaleidoscope span over the past seven years, taking her to Cambodia, India and Guatemala. Connection to these places and especially the people, continue to call her back to these beautiful and special parts of the world. Her life has become more enriched with each experience and she has become even further committed to supporting Kaleidoscope's mission of free education for those less fortunate. She believes that when one succeeds we all succeed, thereby making this world a better place for all. Photography is Niki’s hobby and the children that Kaleidoscope serves are her favorite subjects!

SAM APPIAH has dedicated his services to working with the MasterCard Scholars’ Foundation in Ghana.  An engineer by education, Sam is passionate about connecting with different people from all over the world.  He loves being in conversation daily with people who want to make the world a better place.  During his spare time, Sam loves to read and explore new places.

GUSTAVO BUENO is full of joy. You will often see him smiling for no other reason than being alive. He understands the many gifts and blessings that were given to him, and he is very grateful for them. It is with that mindset that he aims to share those gifts and blessings with everyone for the greater good. He believes in empowerment and wants every individual to become a protagonist of their own story. Using his entrepreneurial spirit, he wants every Kaleidoscope initiative to become self sustainable. His background is the electrical industry where he has worked with individuals around the world for more than 14 years making electrical installations safer. He was born and raised in Brazil and has lived very close to environments that lack opportunity. He understands the power that unique opportunities can bring and wants to give everyone the chance to live their lives to its fullest, and education is the key to that life. Kaleidoscope Child Foundation’s mission statement aligns really well with his life mission.

CHRISTINA O'MEARA has worked in the field of real estate brokerage, management and development for 45 years and has been a bank director for 13 years. Since a young age, Chris has been an adventurer at heart, having uncovered the truth that people across the globe share more things in common than they do differences. Her service travels have led her to India, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, as well as to Cambodia in 2013 where she participated in her first Kaleidoscope Child Foundation's 'voluntour' trip. The experience was so personally moving, that she returned in 2016, as well participating in the inaugural service work in Panajachel, Guatemala. As a career person, wife, mother of 5 and grandmother of 5 her life's motto has become “Serve to empower, and be joy, be peace."

She lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

RANDY STEPHENSON comes to Kaleidoscope after having served for the past five years on the board with Friends of FORMA (Forjando Mi Mañana or Forging My Tomorrow), a non-profit that has sought to provide nutritional and educational support to selected youth and their families from the department of Sololá in Guatemala.  A retired educator and a student of Spanish, he has enjoyed annual visits to that area to do some volunteer teaching and to help coordinate Friends of FORMA´s support with Candelaria Xep and Gregorio Garcia, directors of the FORMA program.  In 2016, after having witnessed up-close the impoverished conditions in which a majority of the Guatemalan indigenous people live, he was awakened to a desire to be of greater service.  This led to another trip to Guatemala in 2017 during which he was met by David Ault and other members of the Kaleidoscope board, who were introduced to Candelaria and Gregorio.  It was then that Kaleidoscope began its support to families in that area by purchasing and delivering one hundred water filters.  In 2020, the Friends of FORMA board of directors made the decision to disband, primarily a result of there being a much smaller board left to do the work.  Randy then reached out to David Ault and the Kaleidoscope board, who agreed to continue Friends of FORMA´s efforts. Randy is grateful to Kaleidoscope for providing him with the opportunity to continue to serve internationally and looks forward to helping Kaleidoscope grow and enrich its efforts.  

LARISA TOMASSONI, B.A. is a candidate for the MPH degree from Emory University at the Rollins School of Public Health - Health Policy and Management program. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh with a double major in Mandarin and Anthropology with certificates in The Conceptual Foundations of Medicine and Asian Studies. As a growing Public Health professional, she aspires to improve people’s quality of life through education. In post baccalaureate study of Chinese language and culture she was awarded the Taiwan - United States Alliance Global Scholarship to attend National Cheng Kung University, and was privileged to interact with the people of Rinali, Taiwan to document their struggle as a displaced people as well as their perceptions and customs regarding medicine. Following her return, she served as a research assistant at the University of Pittsburgh’s Evaluation Institute for Public Health where she worked with both English and Chinese speaking Medicaid beneficiaries to evaluate their services. Ms. Tomassoni connected with Kaleidoscope Child Foundation through Emory University while pursuing her degree. Working with KCF and its founder, David Ault, she found KCF’s mission to provide life nurturing skills and support to children in rural areas inspiring. Collaborating with KCF and its team members to enrich the lives of children and their communities is a motivating and fulfilling aspect of her professional and personal life.

Dr. SABERE TRAORE  is a medical doctor, public health specialist, and Fulbright scholar from Burkina Faso. He has acquired extensive years of clinical and public health experience while working for global health institutions, nonprofits, public health research institutes, and Ministry of Health. His current work focuses primarily on health policy, systems and management, health economics, health financing, impact-evaluations, communicable diseases, maternal and child health, and lifelong learning in public health. Dr. Sabere has also a great interest in organizations working on developing leadership skills as well as implementing decisive actions to address social and health issues for the benefit of local communities. 

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CHRISTOPHER VILLAFUERTE is industrious, a humanist, and slightly magical.  His passion is the process of personal growth in tandem with the ability to share that experiential knowledge. He is infected by the fascination of the invisible strings of causality that mastermind patterns. By trade he is a data scientist, who uses his innate problem-solving skills, keenness for research, and his insights into complex systems into create solutions for the greater good.  He believes working with individuals and communities to empower themselves while honoring and celebrating the uniqueness of who they are. His cause is that of a world of inclusion, empathy, sustainability, harmony, collaboration, and experiential knowledge.

is currently pursuing a Master's of Public Health in Health Policy and Management at Emory University. She completed her Bachelors in Dental Surgery from India in 2018. During her undergraduate study, she helped organize and conduct multiple oral screening camps among the rural parts around Ahmedabad and at a few schools for gifted children in the district. These camps helped her build interest in public health and encouraged mherto do work that reaches out to a larger underprivileged population. Najanshee's other interests include improving global mental health, the condition of Alcohol use disorder in India, and the socioeconomic factors associated with it.