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Atlanta, GA 30324

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A huge welcome to our newest angels and a big thank you to all of our supporters!

Through your generosity, we were able to raise $12,000+ over the next year. This amount covers education for 30 kids in the village school in Lakhanpur, India, as well as ALL operating expenses. We are grateful for all of your support!



...that's 30 Angel Patrons for 30 kids in 30 days!







*angels with increased donations

It is through our angel patron donor program that we are able to continue advancing vulnerable children and communities worldwide with sustainable education, life skills and fresh water. With more than 800 children throughout Cambodia, India and Guatemala receiving our support, your willingness to join with us is vital and necessary. It is extraordinary how far your dollar will go.


$15/month: educates one child for one year

$50/month: supports two children plus several weekly meals

$100/month: funds children’s education and school supplies along with utility costs, meals, fresh water opportunities in their villages and much more.


These are just examples of just how far your donation goes. You are welcome to join our angel patron program at any time. Please click here for more information.

Please send check donations to:

Kaleidoscope Child Foundation
P.O. Box 13866
Atlanta, GA 30324

Britt Hall
Jason Muraira
Murphy Family

Doug Brady

Jeanine Herring

Ashley Derrick

Jon Linn

Ales Struna

Susan Seiden

Val Bridges

Michael Chambers
Robie Grana 
Brook Moramarco


Fernand Poulin
Stephanie Miller
Sara Fountain
Elane Dynneson

Catherine Rogers

Lisa Randall

Terry Burrell
Jim and Julie Laber

Roland Leveque*

Victoria LaFortune*
Jim and Donna Huling*

Kathie Snyder