Why Become an Angel Patron?

Angel Patrons have the most significant impact on our mission and the children in our program. That's because an Angel Patron makes a monthly contribution that provides KCF with a predictable level of funds, allowing us to budget in advance for teacher salaries, books meals, water filters, back-to-school backpacks, technology, buildings, medical services, and more. Here's what those monthly contributions can deliver:


educates one child for one year



supports two children plus several weekly meals


funds two children’s education and school supplies along with utility costs, meals, fresh water opportunities in their villages and much more.

You can make your monthly Angel Patron payments in one of two ways:

-Pay by credit card: click the button below and select "Recurring Donation". Then add your contact and credit card information. You can ensure the full amount of your donation goes to our mission by saying "Yes" when asked to cover the credit card processing fees.

-Pay by check: send a monthly check to KCF. You can write a check manually and mail it each month, or you can set up Kaleidoscope Child Foundation as a payee in your online bill paying system. Checks should by made out to Kaleidoscope Child Foundation and mailed to:

Kaleidoscope Child Foundation
P.O. Box 13866
Atlanta, GA 30324

Also, if you're employed, check to see if your employer has a matching gift program. Click here for more info.

A special thank you to our 2020 Angel Patrons!


Tarscisio & Stefanie Marcellino

Joani Bean

Jean Bell
Aline Bessette

Gustavo Bueno

Gabrielle Beyer

Stephen Braska

Val Bridges

Sergio Bueno Carvalho 
Chandra Carty

Michael Chambers

Robin Clark

Sharman Colosetti

Michael Distefano

 Joan Derango

Elane Dynneson

Ian Folker

Sara Fountain

Kelly French

Barbara Frohlech

Rev. Kathleen Geier

John Gidcomb

Samantha Good

Melanie Godwin

Robie Grana

Elizabeth Baldwin Gresh

Jeanine Herring

Rebecca Hiraoka

Kamie Hudson

Joseph Hooper
Nancy Hutton

Donna & Jim Huling

Jane & Keith Keller

Mary Knost

Jim & Julie Laber

Victoria LaFortune

Carol Lane

Roland Leveque

Jon Linn

Deloris Locke

Jane Madigan

Chike Mahkah

Constance Marshall

Nelu McDowell

John Muburak

Jason Muraira

Niki & Michael Murphy

Thomas O'Connell

Christina O'Meara

Lorri Palko

Aja Pascale

Mary Peppeard

Fernand Poulin

Rebecca Rollins

Catherine Rogers

Sue & Newton Seidan

Kathie Snyder

Gale Stewart

Barbara Thomas

Kelly Thomas

Sabine Ucik

Gary Williams

Penelope Williams
Dave Webb

Kevin Woods


Please note that if you are a current monthly donor and have not  yet moved your payment over to our new system, Donor Perfect, we kindly ask that you do so by clicking here. 

If you would like to change your recurring donation made through Donor Perfect, please contact us at info@kaleidoscopechildfoundation.org

P.O. Box 13866
Atlanta, GA 30324

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