Save The Date:

Walk For Education
September 7, 2019

Walk or run, individually or on a team, with us here in Atlanta or anywhere worldwide, and help support kids worldwide as they walk, sometimes for miles, for the opportunity of education. Please click below to sign up and for complete information.


photo © Himesh Kumar Beher

Why A Walk?

The pursuit of education for many children in developing countries is a journey filled with drawbacks and determination. Both energies seem to relentlessly dance together in our ongoing quest for fulfillment. Whether by bicycle or on foot, that journey to a classroom can be fraught with long distances, inclement weather, and rough terrain. This, on top of the chores necessary to navigate a life in the harshest of slums and villages, makes each child’s journey worthy of our highest respect and our unending support. 


In the province of Siem Reap, Cambodia where two of our schools offer free education to more than 600 area children, it is common for many of them to travel up to 16 kilometers to step across the threshold of a classroom. Brothers and sisters ride three to a bicycle through dirt roads that transform into muddy obstacles during monsoons, others walk whether rain or shine.


Teenage girls who are studying through our sponsorship programs travel up to two hours by bus and foot for the chance to further their education through the volcanic highlands of Guatemala, this on top of the family duties of cooking, cleaning and agricultural laboring leave them with minimum hours of sleep.


And in the northern Bihar state of India, considered one of the poorest areas in this vast country, children battling hunger, dehydration along with similar traveling challenges as our other sponsored schools, are highly susceptible to quitting not because of desire, but by physical weakness.


It is these honorable journeys, the ones Kaleidoscope Child Foundation continue to witness first-hand, that inspire us to host our own A Walk For Education.


We invite you to come and walk with us on Atlanta’s Beltline on September 7th, as a part of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation’s A Walk For Education. By signing up to walk, you are provided your own personalized sponsorship page that provides you the chance to reach out to friends, family, co-workers and others and to gain sponsorships for this global cause.